The Importance of Citing Source

Published: 20th October 2008
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Thanks to modern day technology, it is ever so important to cite sources from which one has gained information from for comprehensive research. The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for it allows its users to obtain an enormous amount of information. However, citing sources acquired from the internet is just as important as the internet is to finding those sources. Furthermore, we cannot forget about the importance of using other sources such as encyclopedias, books, and magazines. A diversity of sources contributes professionalism to your research.

Citing sources is a form of professional courtesy and responsibility. One must give credit when credit is due. Thus, when using another person's words or ideas, citing that person is imperative. Plagiarism is a serious offense and can result in severe punishments for students and scholars alike. For students, punishments for plagiarism can vary from a bad grade to getting expelled from a learning institution. For scholars, punishments for plagiarism include losing one's integrity and being banished from one's profession.

It is also important to cite sources because it strengthens the credibility of your work. By considering the ideas and opinions of others in forming your own, your work is not only comprehensive but convincing as well.

Furthermore, it is extremely important to cite your sources correctly. When sources are cited correctly, others can easily locate the materials you used for your research. Additionally, if sources are not cited correctly you can be accused of plagiarism.

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